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Dry Oasis

Officially known as Oasis Mobile App LLC, Dry Oasis is an application for iOS (soon for Android as well) designed to connect you with fellow non-drinkers in your area. 

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The Dry Oasis Story

When quitting drinking, it's no secret how important your support system and community are. Unfortunately in 2020, people lost the opportunity to create one of the most important parts of their journey-- real human connection.

Meetings and gatherings went virtual, but they weren't the same as creating your in-person community. Despite this, many people turned to dating apps, but unfortunately, most users on those hope to meet up and grab a drink, which many who are clean aren't comfortable with. And if they are, next comes the question of, "when do I tell them I'm sober? Will it change things?"


That's why I created Dry Oasis, where you can meet people in either Friendship Mode or Dating Mode. When I moved to a new city, I found myself trying to make friends when most people around me liked going out. In my search to make friends with interests similar to mine, I found that the only avenue to do so was in meeting rooms, and Dry Oasis offers an alternative to those in today's digital age.

Dry Oasis gives sober individuals a safe community to connect with other like-minded people. Here, users can connect and relate with an already established understanding that they're looking for something different than most dating apps; something outside of a bar. Something real and genuine, with someone who is on the same path as you and who can build you up. 

I know how important your support system is, and I hope Dry Oasis can help provide people with real connections and make sure no one is ever alone in their journey.


Kate G

Founder and CEO


Want to get in touch? Let's connect.

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